Acoustic boulevard

I’ve been on oh so many roads
I have me a couple of miles
I’ve been away and I have been home
but there’s a place that I can call mine

we drive away and we don’t know where to go
we try to stay for what we can’t leave behind
it’s all the same
this is where we belong

there’s a club down on the corner
where poets, lovers and dreamers meet
and we all dance to the soundtrack
of you and me

I felt in love to the sound of a mandolin
it’s a song that can make you smile
I felt in love to the ringing of an old guitar

I felt in love to the sweet sweet melody
and I just left my heart
down on Acoustic Boulevard

These lanes have driven me afloat
These tracks have carried me oh so far
These days I’ve been so alone
It’s times like these we can’t get by

We are all looking for redemption, love or dreams to come true
But there’s a song that can get us through and through it all